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What is PCC?

P.C.C was established to investigate Complaints against the Federal, State and Local governments, Corporate Organizations and their officials/agencies on matters that bother on administrative injustice and to resolve such matters.

What types of complaint does the Commission Entertain?

Wrongful termination of appointment/dismissal.  Delay in payment of gratuity, Land compensation e.t.c.

What are the procedures for lodging complaints?

Complaints are lodged in writing and signed by the complainant himself/herself with date before it is submitted to the Commission.  It must be addressed to the Honourable Chief Commissioner or Commissioner.

How much will it cost?

All the services offered by the Public Complaints Commission are free of charge. no hidden fees, no commission etc

How Accessible is the Commission to the Public?

It has offices in the thirty-six States of the Federation and F.C.T as well as five zonal offices in each state.

Do we handle cases outside the Commission’s jurisdiction

Cases outside the purview of the Commission are being referred to the relevant agencies for redress.

Can the Commission investigate matters that have to do with members of police force or military personnel’s?

Yes, if only the matter involve members of the public against any personnel’s or member of the police force in such matters that has to do with abuse of power, illegal detention e.t.c. But if it’s an internal matter within the police force or military, we are excluded to look into such matters because the police, Army, Navy, Air force Acts it’s there to duly take care of that.